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February Event: Death By Song
38 Walker Road, Wales MA.

February 9-10, 2019.

In Ink LARP, you take on the role of someone trying to keep your home safe. Home, however is a mile and a quarter square of the New Albion Quarantine Zone. The section of major city is under the control of a US governmental agency, the Department of Scientific Intelligence, and has been the talk of tabloids for a few years. Some say monsters and magic. Others say it's all giant publicity stunt for Phosphor Polytechnical, or a military ploy to confound the USSR. Or both. One thing is certain, the folks with the heavy artillery stationed outside the various checkpoints aren't for show.

It's 1986...ish. You've got a full magazine in your gun. Some aquanet in your hair. And maybe even a sword you pilfered from Arkham Museum to fend off a horde of ghoulish spider-human monstrosities. Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

RULES: The Latest Rules for Ink LARP are live as of 1/31/2018!
Ink LARP Rules Jan 2018

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