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Ink LARP Autumn Special:
38 Walker Road, Wales, MA
at Eagle Pass Camp

Saturday to Sunday, November 25-26.

In Ink LARP, you take on the role of someone trying to keep your home safe. Home, however is a mile and a quarter square of the New Albion Quarantine Zone. The section of major city is under the control of a US governmental agency, the Department of Scientific Intelligence, and has been the talk of tabloids for a few years. Some say monsters and magic. Others say it's all giant publicity stunt for Phosphor Polytechnical, or a military ploy to confound the USSR. Or both. One thing is certain, the folks with the heavy artillery stationed outside the various checkpoints aren't for show.

If you’re a veteran from American Centurions or Curtain Call, then you’ve just had a taste of the terrors in the dark, and what a mouthful it was. New players to the game are drawn from folks trying to get by in the NAQZ that have stepped up, or perhaps specialists that have been brought in to try and help.

It's 1986...ish. You've got a full magazine in your gun. Some aquanet in your hair. And maybe even a sword you pilfered from Arkham Museum to fend off a horde of ghoulish spider-human monstrosities. Put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

RULES: The Campaign Preview Rules stand for character builds for Dark Ink.
The Latest Rules for Ink LARP.

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